Markra is a simple text editor that lets you create JIRA tickets in Markdown.

On macOS, it looks like this:

As you type Markdown on the left, plain-text Jira appears on the right. When you are done writing, copy the Jira, and create your ticket in plain-text. That's it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why?

A: Getting JIRA ticket in the right format is both tedious and hard. You either have to wrangle with the rich text editor on the web page, or get a precise outcome by authoring in JIRA's plain text syntax. Markra's author prefers the latter but never bothered memorizing JIRA's plain text syntax. Markdown, on the other hand, is universal, and familiar to programmers. Markra is for those who love Markdown, and wish they can create JIRA tickets in Markdown in a fast, simple native editor.

Q: What else does Markra do?

A: You can open/save the Markdown files like any other text editor.

Q: Any "advanced" pro tips?

In addition to conventiontal editing commands, Markra includes a few special ones to make you go faster. Use Shift+Command+D to delete all text. Use Shift+Command+C to copy the JIRA output to clipboard.

Contact Us

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