DrString for Xcode

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I downloaded DrString. Now what?

A: DrString is a macOS app with an Xcode source extension shipped with it. When you install it on macOS, the Xcode extension is automatically installed as well. You may need to enable it by going to macOS System PreferencesExtensionsXcode Source Editor, and check the "Xcode Source Editor" box for DrString.

Q: How do I use DrString?

A: Open a Swift file in Xcode. Place your cursor on an existing docstring or a function signature. Select from Xcode menu EditorDrString AdditionsFormat Docstring. The main app may be used to customize the style of docstring you need for your project.

Q: Why are there so many options?

There are many ways to get a docstring "right". Read more on this topic here.

Q: I want a linter for my docstrings for real consistency, does DrString do that?

No… but wait. The macOS app DrString is a source docstring formatter. It's based on a open-source project by the same author. This project is partially implemented on top of the other one. The base project provides more functionalities, including linting!

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